Theprotected by BCS (Bio Control System) Patent biological control system. BCS PI technologies enable the application of BCS principles in organic and inorganic materials.

Thefoundation technologies BCS PI: PI energy. In the original Book of Creation at the British Museum, PI energy is already appearing. PI energy = life energy (7,000 years before Jesus) in the context below. The Lord took PI from Adam and made the other gender out of it. In Sumer, PI is a two-word word. The first is the sideboard, the second is the Life Energy. PI energy is used to make Natural PI water. 
Natural PI water produced by “Life Energy” equipment from normal drinking water.

During the conversion, the physical structure of the water changes:

  • lower viscosity

  • higher surface tension

  • its frequency is different

  • in its properties is close to the cellular water of organisms

  • has a structurally stable H2O molecule

  • the macro grouping of H2O molecules is reduced to groups of three molecules that fill the space symmetrically to form a rectangular rectangle, this symmetry contributes to the maintenance of equilibrium and allows information to be transmitted in the form of vibrations.

PI energy is species specific. We can produce species-specific PI energy with our Life Energy devices!

Thepossible uses BCS PI technology in practice agriculture, plant and animal husbandry, forestry, viticulture and flower production (greenhouse) food (preserving) cosmetic industries, manufacturing and bottling, seed water human PI preparation.


TheBCS PI field crop production technology was developed between 1991 and 1995, the practical application of the organization of the necessary soil conditioner and plant conditioner, and the verifiability of the finished products were realized until 2002, after which approval was granted slowly from 2004.

Withthis technology, rapid soil initiation improves soil water management, increases reservoir capacity and improves water retention capacity. 
Harmful rot is replaced by humification. 
The proportion of colloidal particles increases, the natural nutrient supply capacity improves, and the natural harmful substance binding capacity increases.

As a result of theincrease in yields and the quality improvement, the size of land cultivated with BCS PI technology is increasing year by year, not only in Hungary, but also abroad.

Theeffect of treatment with PI BCS healthy corn formed with inner content and significantly increased yield of preferably also changed.

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